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TOFEE has been a one stop supplier of HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) products since 2009. TOFEE associates a group of manufacturers to offer a wide range of accessories and main equipment with superior quality at competitive price.

Tofee’s one stop supply service enables customers to combine buying various products from various manufacturers at various locations into one bulk order, which brings the benefits of bulk quantity buying discount, simplified purchase transactions, optimized logistics. With Tofee’s one stop supply service, the customers significantly reduce buying cost and improve working efficiency.

Tofee’s pursue to be a long-term reliable supplier for the target customers, base on the continuously improving advantages of superior quality, competitive price, professional support and competent service. Tofee is your valuable partner for buying products from China.


Our Advantages

Combined Purchase Orders

Tofee combines various products from unlimited manufacturers / suppliers, follows buyers’ bill of quantity. No minimum order quantity applies.

Huge Sourcing Capacities

Tofee spent 10+ years for setting up a huge association with the most competitive direct manufacturers of various products across China, including international and local companies.

Simplified Procurements

Tofee enable the buyers to buy various products by dealing with only one part, instead of engage into international transactions with various suppliers. Reducing the buyers’ working and cost for logistic, coordination and payment.

Optimized Logistic

Tofee reduces logistic cost to minimum by: (1) Mixing loading various products in a shipment to make best use the space and weight limit of containers. (2) Selecting the most economical port base on the quantity and location of each product in that shipment.

Winning on Lower Cost

Tofee offers price advantages by: (1) Direct selling price from the most competitive manufacturers in Tofee’s association. (2) Tofee’s further discount for combined total order. (3) Reduced logistic and transaction cost.

Professional Staff

Tofee is familiar with good engineering practice, international prevailing standards in HVAC industry, and international trade procedures. Buyers enjoy efficient and easier communication / coordination from inquiry to delivery for each technical and commercial procedure.

Quality Control

Tofee’s sustainable development as long term supplier to customers is based on the strict quality control. In additional to manufacturers’ QA/QC policy, Tofee implements extra inspection / testing during production and before delivery.


Tofee ensures staff to be competent by training, evaluating system. Keeps improving the working quality of each procedure from inquiry to delivery.

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