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Air & Dirt Separator

Air & dirt separators are designed to eliminate circulating and trapped air and micro suspended dirt particles effectively and quickly from the piping system. It can reduce oxygen-based corrosion and pump cavitation to keep the piping system clean and efficient operation. Applied in closed loop hydronic piping systems, such as water, water/glycol mixes, etc.



* Strainer cartridges made by copper wire mesh with honeycomb shape cells, capture both micro bubbles and tiny dirt particles as small as 5μm efficiently.

* Flanged cylindrical casing (optional) for easy opening and maintenance.

* Brass automatic air vent with big chamber at top to exhaust trapped air fast.

* Manual brass ball valve at bottom to drain dirt.

* Operation without downtime.

* Minimum pressure drop with no fluctuations.

* Decreased corrosion, pump cavitation and wear of system components.

* Robust carbon steel housing, spiral brass strainers, powder coating.

* Less maintenance, increased component life.


Flow velocity inside chamber≤1m/s
Operating pressure options10bar, 16bar, 25bar
Fluid temperature range0~110℃

* Pressure drop chart


Base on Henry’s Law, the dissolved gas in water is released from water as the temperature increases or the pressure decreases. For this reason, the device should be typically installed at the highest temperature and the lowest pressure points within a system. Ideally, the device should be located on the outlet of boilers, the inlet of chillers, and the suction side of pumps.

For dirt removal, installation position is not the most important, so when installation the air & dirt separator, air separation effect should be firstly considered.

The device must be installed horizontally. Pay attention to the direction indicated by the arrow which is the direction of water flow.


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