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Aluminum VAV Diffuser

AC/DC 24V power supply for actuator

0-10VDC modulating control.

Belimo damper actuator and thermostat.

Suitable for cooling and heating mode.

Air flow range 102 ~ 2550 CMH.

Minimum air flow can be set to satisfy the demand of minimum fresh air.

Suitable for ceiling concealed installation.

Improve comfort in individual areas.


Variable Air Volume (VAV) diffusers are used for all-air air-conditioning system. The built-in damper enables independent control for each room by working together with thermostat or CO2 sensor. VAV diffusers meet the individual requirements for room air temperature and fresh air as well as providing excellent temperature comfort and air distribution.

Energy efficient, Cost, Operation and Maintenance
Compared with Constant Air Volume (CAV) system or fan coil unit plus fresh air system, VAV diffuser system can reduce the common problems of over cold or over heat. Less pressure is required for air handling unit, therefore to save 15~48% energy. Initial cost of VAV diffuser system is about 15% lower than the traditional VAV system (VAV boxes + air diffusers). Operation and maintenance is easier for VAV diffuser system.
Ducting System
Ducting design shall ensure static pressure at VAV diffuser inlet not more than 62Pa, and not less than 12Pa at the worst point of ducting, for sake of keeping the regulating performance of VAV diffuser. The best method to realize the design target is to calculate proper length and size of duct base on the maximum allowed pressure drop between the first and the last VAV diffuser.
System Optimization
The air flow balance among duct branches is critical for VAV diffuser system control. VAV diffusers can obtain air flow balance by its own control. However, the adjustment of static pressure, air flow and noise of the ducting system is necessary. VAV diffusers can meet the requirements of temperature control of individual zones, when the ducting system is balanced. Therefore, it is recommended to balance the ducting system before operation, and fix manual air flow control damper on duct branches when necessary.
Static Pressure
The static pressure at VAV diffuser inlet shall above 12Pa to ensure sufficient air flow passing the diffuser. Noise will be significantly increased when static pressure exceeds 62Pa (Noise Criterion 35). Static pressure setting will be done by fan speed control and damper regulation. The application is shown as figure 1~2.




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