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All In One Air Quality Sensor

* Output signal: RS485 (MODBUS RTU)

* Power supply: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC

* Sensed variable: Temperature, humidity, TVOC, PM2.5, CO, CO2, CH2O(formaldehyde)


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Series CES2000 sensor is an advanced and versatile multi-in-1 transmitter, optimized for demand controlled ventilation and building automation in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The data transmits to a BMS system or stand-alone controller using communication protocols.

* Versatile:
It measures 7 variables including temperature, humidity (RH), TVOC, PM2.5, CO, CO2, CH2O(formaldehyde) of air accurately in one device with modern design.

* Analogue Outputs, Digital interface, Display:
Digital interface: RS485 (additional sensed variables are available on the Modbus RTU).
Display: high solution back light LCD screen as optional.

* Easy Installation and Maintenance:
The snap-on design facilitates the replacement of the active front part within seconds while the wiring remains intact. Furthermore, it makes possible to wire the device without exposing the electronics to construction site pollution.


* Flexibility and versality: upto 7 signals combined in one device, except CH2O (formaldehyde) and CO2 at same time.

* Multiple signals output via digital interface.

* Superior protection for reverse voltage and overvoltage offers outstanding long-term stability.

* Wide range of working temperature.

* High reliability and excellent anti-interference performance.

* Easy installation and modern design.

* Optional high-resolution LCD display with back light.

* Wall or duct mounted type suitable for room or duct installation in HVAC system.

* OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original design manufacturer) at request.



* Sensed variables:

Sensed variablesRangeAccuracy
Temperature-20~60 deg C+/-0.3 deg C (@25 deg C)
Relative Humidity 0~100 % +/-3% (@25 deg C & 50%)
TVOC0~2000 ppb +/-5%FS
PM2.50~1000 ug/m3+/- (10ug+10% indication)
CO(Carbon Monoxide)0~1000ppm +/-5%FS
CO2(Carbon Dioxide)0~5000ppm +/- (50ppm+5% indication)
CH2O(Formaldehyde) 0~2000ppm +/-5%FS
Notes: accuracy subject to good ventilated open space. 

* Output signal: RS485(MODBUS RTU).

* Mounting height: 1.2~1.8m above ground for wall mounting.

* Response time: T90 ≤ 60s.

* Warm-up time: <600s

* Power supply: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC.

* Working environment: -10~60 deg C & 0~95%RH, non-condensing air.

* Storage environment: -20~80 deg C & 0~95%RH, non-condensing air.

* Casing material: ABS plastic for wall mounted type, ABS plastic + PC for duct mounted type.

* Protection class: wall mounted type IP30, duct mounted type IP 65

* Fire-resistance: tested as per UL94-V0.

* Display: back light LCD optional

* Certificate: CE. 



Ordering Information
CES2000-B…… Room

D…… Duct

1…… 5VDC

2…… 12VDC

3…… 24VDC

2…… 2 parameters

3…… 3 parameters

4…… 4 parameters

5…… 5 parameters

6…… 6 parameters

0…… None

1…… LCD display


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Ordering Info

Particular information
1.Parameters to be detected, e.g: temperature, humidity, PM10, CO2, CHCHO, TVOC, etc.
2. Need LCD display or not.
3.Wall mounted or duct mounted type.
General information for ordering:
1. Quantity.

2. Delivery location, and price term: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc.

3. Detailed information of the contact person and buyer's company, which is helpful to prioritize your inquiry with faster response and better price.


Delivery Options:

Delivery Method
Incoterms Term
Applicable Countries
LCL, FCL by sea
General for all countries.
Air courier to door
General for all countries.
Air cargo to airport
General for all countries.
Door to door by road
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. (keep expanding to more countries)
Door to door by seaDDU, DDPCambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.   (keep expanding to more countries)
LCL=Less than Container Load.     FCL =Full Container Load
DDU = Delivery Duty Unpaid        DDP = Delivery Duty Paid
The above shipping information is general, and changing from time to time. Confirmation with us is necessary for each order.

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