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Water Leaking Sensor




GLD3100 Water Leaking Controller is used together with water leaking sensing cable, spot type sensor and normal open dry contact device. Sensing cable length is upto 500m long. The controller can be used as independent alarm for leaking detection, also can be connected with central controller via RS485 cable. It is widely used for data center, telecommunication station, warehouse, library, museum, industrial field, etc where timely leaking monitoring is required.

GDL2 water sensing cable is used for detection of conductive
liquid leaking, such as water, acid solution, alkali solution, etc.
It generates alarm signal when detecting leakage at any
position on the cable.
The cable is featured with light, flexible, strong, easy to install.
Standard length 3/5/10m, it can be easily extended with
connectors at both ends. The smooth surface helps dry rapidly
in case contacted liquid. The cable comply with RoHS.


Power Supply: 12-24VDC 3W
Alarm Method: relay, voice+optic, RS485 (MODBUS RTU)
Relay contact: NO and NC optional.
Max. current: 3A @ 30Vdc / 3A @ 250Vac
Interface: RS485, Baud rate optional (9600 as default)
Address range: 0-255 (1 as default)
Working Environment: -30~60℃,10~80 %RH (no condensation)
Store Environment: -20~50℃,10~80 %RH (no condensation)
Casing material: ABS+PC
Installation: on 35mm DIN rail

Cable Material: Electrical conductive PE + alloy conductor
Cable Color: Orange / Yellow / Green
Fire Resistant Level: Level II, ventilated cable
Electrical resistance: 13 Ω per 100 meter
Weight: 18 Gram per meter
Broken Strength: 600N
Diameter: 5.0 mm

Power supply shall be 12~24VDC, correctly connects to +/-. AC power and other power not specified shall not be used. Otherwise, the controller can’t work properly or damaged.



Instruction Installation
  • Fixed on 35mm DIN rail.
  • Fixed in exiting control panel if sufficient space is there.
  • Fixed on wall or panel surface together with a length of 35mm DIN rail.

Keep distance with fire, high temperature, strong electromagnetic field.
Not install in damp and dusty environment.
Don’t contact any sharp objects when installation, avoid damage cable surface.

Please follow do and don’t below:



  • Before installation, hands shall touch anything with earthing to remove static electrical field, e.g steel pipe, or electrical device with earthing.
  • Shall install the controller gently, avoid hiting, compacting, etc.
  • The controller and accessories shall not contact metal debris, grease, paint and other contaminants.
  •  The length of RS485 cable connecting to central controller shall not exceed 1200m.
Dimension (Unit: mm)

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Data sheet:MVI_5034