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Free Standing Spring Mount (YDS)

Loading capacity: 5 ~ 200 kg.

Deflection: 15 ~ 25mm.

Free standing spring mount.

Rubber coated steel plate, ribbed bottom surface.

Rubber gasket inside spring cover.


YDS spring mounts eliminate structural noise and vibration for floor mounted equipments, are typically used to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from low speed mechanical equipments into a building structure. With proper selected and installed spring isolators offer the greatest assurance that destructive vibration and noise will be eliminated or greatly reduced.
YDS spring mounts are highly effective for controlling of both high and low frequency vibration produced by rotary wheels and propellers like pumps, packaged air handling and air conditioning equipment, centrifugal and axial fans, and reciprocating compressors like chillers, air compressors and internal combustion engines, etc.

* Structure
High deflection, free-standing, unhoused, large diameter, laterally stable steel springs assembled into an upper load plate and leveling assembly.
For lighter capacities, molded neoprene bottom load plates are furnished.
For heavier capacities, springs are welded to the steel bottom load plate to which a neoprene isolation pad is attached.
* The ratio of spring diameter to compressed height at rated load is not less than 0.8.
* Springs are epoxy powder coated, with 1000-hour salt spray rating.
* Neoprene friction pad acts as a sound break to minimize high frequency transmission.
* Vibration isolation efficiency is over 95%.
* Provisions on the bottom plates for bolting the isolator to the structure.
* Lateral spring stiffness greater than 1.0 times of the rated vertical stiffness to assure stability. Provide a minimum of 50% overload capacity. Springs are safe at solid loading.
* Provide a minimum of 50% overload capacity. Springs are safe at solid loading.

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Particular information for ordering the strainers:  
1. Loading capacity.
2. Desired deflection.
Or send the application details for our proposal.
General information for ordering:

1. Quantity of each size.

2. Delivery location, and price term: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc.

3. Detailed information of the contact person and buyer's company, which is helpful to prioritize your inquiry with faster response and better price. 


Delivery Options:

Delivery Method
Incoterms Term
Applicable Countries
LCL, FCL by sea
General for all countries.
Air courier to door
General for all countries.
Air cargo to airport
General for all countries.
Door to door by road
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. (keep expanding to more countries)
Door to door by seaDDU, DDPCambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.   (keep expanding to more countries)
LCL=Less than Container Load.     FCL =Full Container Load
DDU = Delivery Duty Unpaid        DDP = Delivery Duty Paid
The above shipping information is general, and changing from time to time. Confirmation with us is necessary for each order.

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