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HVAC can play an important role for preventing Corona Virus

Before Covid-19, nobody would believe that an epidemic can affect the human kind so widely and deeply. I am pessimistic that human can completely kill the virus, at least in short time, within a couple of years, can I say? My friend, believe me, protection from this virus will be a part of your daily life for long time. The human shall be prepared for living along with Covid-19.
Since Covid-19 is airborne virus, HVAC system shall be used for killing it. Base on the current air sterilization technology (UV light, high voltage electrostatic field, air filtration), these products are effective and affordable, practice for adding to existing and new projects:

1. Install UV lights with sufficient quantity and power input in ducting: Low cost, easy installation, not affect existing system.

2. Install air sterilization purifiers on ducting: more efficient for killing virus, removing dust which is the main carrier for airborne virus.

3. Install air sterilization purifiers at return air grille: same as type 2, but no extra space needed.

4. Install air sterilization purifiers inside AHU: same like item 2, but may not practical for existing AHUs if no spare space inside AHU.

Above ways can be used separately or together.