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Return Grille Air Sterilization Purifier

◇ Upto 8000V high voltage electric field

◇ Effective killing airborne bateria / virus and absorbing polutant.
◇ Aluminum primary filter for capturing big particle polutant.
◇ Physical sterilization at zero consumable.
◇ No harmful substance generated.
◇ Low energy consumption.
◇ Washable for repeative using.
◇ Low pressure loss.

Nowadays, most of human occupied buildings have air conditioning systems to create a comfortable indoor air environment. However, indoor air quality (IAQ) is focused on thermal comfortability in term of temperature and humidity. Safety of indoor air such as pollutant control, virus and bacteria prevention have been ignored for long time. Since people spend most of time in the air conditioned space, IAQ safety shall be no longer ignored. Air sterilization and purification shall be used to protect occupants’ health.

Central air sterilization and purification is performed by adding various air purifiers to existing or newly built HVAC systems, e.g., return air grille, air handling unit (AHU/FCU), air ducting, etc.

Modern technology of  UV light, high voltage electrostatic, air filtration is utilized in air purifiers separately or combinedly, for effectively killing virus/bacteria and removing pollutants contained in air. This kind of physical air sterilization and purification consumes electricity only during operation. No need any chemical and other consumables. No need to change the existing HVAC systems.

Working Principle

Electrostatic plasma filter, for air sterilization and purification

This filter comprises wires and metal plates, between which a high voltage electric field is produced. Bacteria, virus and dust are charged by high voltage electric field, and microbe are inactivated. High density plasma electro-magnetic flux is generated on the metal plate and helps attract pollutants like bacteria, viruses, dust particles, pollen grains, allergens etc. to stick onto the washable metal plate.

Plasma voltage+8000V and +4000VBactericidal rate≥99.9%
Plasma density1.05×1017~4.02×1017/m3PM2.5 elimination rate ≥96.5%
Pressure loss ≥50 PaBenzene elimination rate ≥90%
Ozone generation ≤0.1 mg/m³TVOC elimination rate ≥90%

Ultraviolet Light and Photo-Catalyst Filter, for formaldehyde and TVOC purification

Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) is achieved when UV light rays with a TiO2 coated filter combined together. This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons.

Built-in UV with 254nm wavelength, helps in activating the Photo-Catalyst Filter and also effectively sterilizes all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other flu with high efficiency.

These highly reactive electrons aggressively combine with other elements in the air and sterilize bacteria and viruses caught by air purifier. Once bound together, the chemical reaction takes place between the super-charged ion and the pollutant, effectively oxidizing (or burning) the pollutant. This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air more purified.

Power supply220V/50Hz, 110V/60HzFormaldehyde Elimination rate ≥90%
Lifetime of UV light ≥8000 hoursBenzene Elimination rate≥90%
Ozone generation ≤0.1 mg/m³TVOC Elimination rate≥90%
Bactericidal rate ≥90%

Electrostatic plasma plus Photo-Catalyst, for stronger sterilization and purification

When air enters the purifier, large particles will be intercepted by the primary filter at the first. Then the air enters the electrostatic filter, and the high-voltage electricity causes the virus and bacteria to be broken down and adhere to the metal plate. Finally, the organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and TVOC are decomposed by photo-catalysis. One-time purification of all air pollutants

Return Grille Air Sterilization Purifier

Replace the previous conventional air return grille with the purification return grille to intercept virus and bacteria at the beginning of HVAC system.


◇ Up to 8000V high voltage electric field for effective killing airborne bacteria / virus and absorbing pollutant.

◇ Aluminum primary filter for capturing big particle pollutant.

◇ Prevent blockage of coil.

◇ Physical sterilization at zero consumable.

◇ No harmful substance generated or consumed in sterilization.◇ Low energy consumption.

◇ Washable for repeated using.

◇ Low pressure loss, suitable for updating existing system without changing fans.

◇ Installed in existing return grille without destroying decoration and occupying space.

◇ Stable performance and safe operation (CE certification)

◇ All size customizable.


ModelFlow Rate (m3/h)Product Dimension (mm)Power Input


Return Grille Electrostatic Plasma Sterilizer
 HD-340340545 × 250 × 180≤5
 HD-510510645 × 250 × 180≤5
 HD-680680745 × 250 × 180≤5
 HD-850850845 × 250 × 180≤5
 HD-10201020965 × 250 × 180≤10
 HD-136013601265 × 250 × 180≤10
 HD-170017001370 × 250 × 180≤10
 HD-204020401660 × 250 × 180≤15
Return Grille Photo-catalysis Sterilizer
 HC-340340545 × 250 × 120≤10
 HC-510510645 × 250 × 120≤10
 HC-680680745 × 250 × 120≤15
 HC-850850845 × 250 × 120≤15
 HC-10201020965 × 250 × 120≤25
 HC-136013601265 × 250 × 120≤30
 HC-170017001370 × 250 × 120≤30
 HC-204020401660 × 250 × 120≤40
Return Grille Electrostatic plasma + Photo-catalysis Sterilizer
HGD-340340545 × 250 × 245≤15
HGD-510510645 × 250 × 245≤15
HGD-680680745 × 250 × 245≤20
HGD-850850845 × 250 × 245≤20
HGD-10201020965 × 250 × 245≤35
HGD-136013601265 × 240 × 180≤40
HGD-170017001370 × 240 × 180≤40
HGD-204020401660 × 240 × 180≤55

Working environment: -5~45 °C .

Product size is indicative, dimension is customizable as per grille size, subject to dimension of electrostatic plate modules. 


Needle and Hole Electrostatic module



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