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Tube Brushing Machine


No damage to tubes.

VSD stepless speed control.

Automatic forward and reverse rotating.

Microprocessor programmable control.

Suit for various size tubes.


Brushing with water flow for removing scale.

Food step air bladder switch.

Professional training not needed.

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Model MIT-8X Tube brushing machine is a upgraded 2nd generation product base on rotating flexible steel rod. By using a microprocessor to control VSD, the machine can change rotating speed, or automatic rotate at forward or reverse direction. Simple and efficient tube brushing can be operated by single person. It is suitable for tube diameter range 6.4~101.6mm, such as the tubes in condenser, evaporator, absorber, heat exchanger, etc. of chillers, boilers or air compressors.

Working Mechanism

Model MIT-8X is equipped with various sizes of flexible rotating rods and brushes to suit for tubes with various inner diameters. The brushing machine’s motor drives the flexible rod rotates at high speed in the waterproof nylon tube, meanwhile supply water through the tube to the brush at end of rod. Flexible rod rotation is controlled by foot switch. When the brush rotating on the scaling on tube inner surface, loosed scaling is brushed off and brought away by water flow.



Brushing machine unit, wheeled trolley, foot switch

Power Supply220V, single phase, 50/60HZ
Power Input750W (1HP)
VSD Data1.5KW (2HP)
Rotating Speed0~1400 r/min
Flexible Rods Sizes701 series, 702 series, 703 series, 704 series
Nylon Brush Sizes6.4mm(1/4″), 7.9mm(5/16″), 9.5mm(3/8″), 11.1mm(7/16″), 12.7mm(1/2″), 14.3mm(9/16″), 15.9mm(5/8″), 17.5mm(11/16″), 19.1mm(3/4″), 20.6mm(13/16″), 22.1mm(7/8″), 23.8mm(15/16″), 25.4mm(1″), Larger sizes at request.

 How to Choose the size of flexible steel rod?

1. Select rod size base on the inner diameter of tubes to be cleaned, please refer to the table below:

2. Length of flexible rod = tube length to be cleaned + Maximum height of tube above ground + 1.5m (spare)

3. For more durable using, please choose the biggest possible flexible rod but suitable for tube size.

SeriesRod Sleeve Outer DiameterTube Inner DiameterThreadStandard Length (Meter)
7017mm7.9-11.1mmMetric M43.7, 5.2, 7.6
70210mm11.1-17.5mmMetric M63.7, 5.2, 7.6, 10.7, 13.7
70312.7mm15.9-25.4mmMetric M63.7, 5.2, 7.6, 10.7, 13.7, 18.3, 22.9
70415.9mm22.1-50.8mmMetric M65.2, 7.6, 10.7, 13.7, 18.3, 22.9


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