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Brass Threaded Adjustable on off Pressure Independent Control Valve

  • Diaphragm material: EPDM.
  • Stem material: stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10.
  • Valve body and cover material: C3771.
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6MPa.
  • Working medium: water, fluid temperature -10 ~ 95 deg C.
  • Travel: 3mm.

PHF-DD-L series pressure independent control valve (PICV) used for balacing the piping network in HVAC system of small area where pipe size is not bigger than 50mm. The PICV combines the functions of hydraulic balancing and electrical on/off control in one unit. It controls the water flow and temperature automatically to save energy rationally and realize intelligent management by its intelligent module device. The PICV features with high control accuracy and strong antielectromagnetic interference capability, is especially suitable for the variable flow piping system with large load fluctuation.

  • Heating paraffin wax pusher is used in the actuator, no noise during working.
  • Adopt the design of differential pressure balancing structure of spring plus diaphragm, no water hammer and running noise.
  • Both the electric valve core and balancing valve core adopt straight travel design, has higher control precision.
  • Valve is automatically closed after power off by function of spring reset.
  • Easy installation by thread connection.Good stability.
  • Not influenced by pressure fluctuation.
  • Greatly shorten the time of system commissioning and highly enhance efficiency in subsequent operation.
  • Diaphragm material: EPDM.
  • Stem material: stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10.
  • Valve body and cover material: C3771.
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 1.6MPa.
  • Working medium: water, fluid temperature -10 ~ 95 deg C.
  • Travel: 3mm.
Rated travel3mm7mm
Rated thrust115N400N
Model No.DRQ-1DFQ-JL
Order No.Model No.Valve typeSize (DN)Connection typeThread sizeKvs (%)Dimensions (mm)Max. diff. pressure (kPa)Max. diff. pressure (kPa)
14001PHF-DD-20L*DRQ-1K2-way20Internal threadG3/40.9100135150/
14008PHF- DD-25L*DRQ-1K2-way25Internal threadG11.51104470/
14074PHF-DD-32L*DFQ-JL2-way32Internal threadG1-1/43.5130145/300
14075PHF-DD-40LDFQ-JL2-way10Internal threadG1-1/2615050/300
14076PHF-DD-50L’DFQ-JL2-way50Internal threadG28170160/300


DRQ series Electric Thermal Valve Actuator

DRQ electric thermal valve used for FCU temperature control as well as radiators in heating system. The control valve depends on the heating paraffin wax pusher drive the spring to reset. The electric thermal valve is normally closed when it doesn’t work. If it needs to work, the thermostat will provide a signal of opening,then the electric thermal valve will gets the power to work. when the set temperature is achieved,the thermostat will cut off the electric thermal valve’s power,then the reset spring can close the valve to stop the water which flow into the coil. So the room temperature is always maintained within the set range by PICV.
DRF-01 electric thermal valve adopts paraffin wax pusher. lt’s driven by the PTC heating without noise, with a spring reset function,the valve is closed after power off,and the position of the stroke has the indication of the opening degree. ,screw connection is simple, fast and convenient to be disassembled.

Power2W, 220VACAmbient temperature-5~60 deg C
Push>115NCable length900mm
Travel3mmShell materialFire-resistant PC (inner part as reinforced fire-resistant PA66 )
Full time3~5minShell protection gradeIP54
Connection sizeM30*1 5mm nutInstallation position vertical to 85 degrees tilt angle


DFQ-JL Series Motorized Valve Actuator
DFQ-J series motorized valve actuator is compatible with two-way or three-way motorized valve used to regulate the flow of media. It’s Widely used in central air conditioning system,heating system or other occasions.It’s available to meets clients’ requirements of temperature control of a small room or a complex building. It makes people comfortable to reach the required ambient temperature and saves energy as well by controlling the flow.
Easily installed
Connecting rod is unnecessary
Accurate valve positioning
With manual operator
Maintenance free
Terminal limit switch

Forward and reverse action

Synchronous motor

Corrosion protection design

Order No.12600Power24VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hhz
Power consumpion2.8W, 50/60HzSignalfeedback0(2)~10V
0(4)~20mA optional
Traveltime120 seconds when 50Hz
105 seconds when 60Hz
MaterialGear: formaldehyde, nylon
Lower plate ofreducer: galvanized steel
Bracket: die-cast aluminum aly
Housing: flame retardant ABS engineering plastics
Temperature litationnAmbienttemperature: -10~ + 50 deg C
storage temperature: -40~+ 50 deg C
Humidity1%~95% RH with no dewFluid Temperaturenot more than 150 deg C
Protection gradeIP54Weight0.514kg
Manual Adjustment Valve with no Actuator