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Double Regulating Valve

♦ Size: DN40~500

♦ Pressure Rating: PN16

♦ Flange Standard: BS4504, ASME/ANSI, DIN, etc.




A flanged, cast iron balancing valve that delivers accurate hydronic performance in an impressive range of applications. it is ideal for use mainly on the  secondary side in heating and cooling systems for determining and adjusting hydronic fluid flow so that the design flow rate is achieved in each circuit.

The series SSV static balancing valve is designed for flow balancing in cooling, heating or process water systems. Its shutoff feature can be instead the globe valve. It also has the function of locking of maximum range. The function of locking will be opened after its system debugged. If the products need to be repaired, you can close the static balancing valve, and then directly return to the maximum range. It can avoid the second text, save many time and cost. Its measuring joint enable convenient system troubleshooting. Static balancing valve be used in water supply or return water pipe. 



♦ Brass venturi flow element for accurate flow control

♦ Numerical indicator of opening rate on the handwheel

♦ Opening of the lock set position

♦ Shut-off function achieved by handwheel

♦ Self-sealing measuring points to protect against leakage

♦ Allow for manual balancing and shut-off.

♦ Fixed flanged models mate to industry standard flanges.



♦ Structure: 

♦ Size: DN40~500

♦ Working Temperature: -10~120℃

♦ Pressure Rating: PN16

♦ Fluid Medium: Cold and Hot Water / Ethylene

♦ Connection: Flange Connection

♦ Flange Standard: BS4504, ASME/ANSI, DIN, etc.

♦ Functions: Balancing, Pre-setting, Measuring, Shut-off

♦ Material of construction: 

Body: Ductile iron

Valve Core: Ductile Iron / Stainless Steel / Brass

Screw: Stainless Steel

Sealling: PTFE / EPDM

Stem: Brass / Stainless Steel

Core Rod: Brass / Stainless Steel

Bonnet: Ductile Iron

Lock Screw: Stainless Steel

Handwheel: Nylon DN40~250 Die-Cast Aluminum DN300~500

Measuring Points: Brass

♦ Product type: 

♦ Dimension: 

♦ Measuring accuracy: 

According to the GB/T 28636-2012 standard, when the valve’s opening rate is greater than 50%, the deviation is lower than ±5%. Based on this, it is suggested to choose a valve with at least 50% opening rate when working under the design flow. Additionally, in order to ensure adequate on-site commissioning allowance, it is recommended to set the valve at around 75% opening rate.


Installation Instruction 

Piping shall be flushed completely, and no debris contained in fluid before installation, please note that static balancing valve with flowing arrow point in the direction of the flow. Static Balancing Valve is usually installed on return pipe. When combined with Differential Pressure Balancing Valve, it can be used for supply pipe.

Generally, when connected to an elbow or a pump, the valve must keep a certain distance from the elbow or the pump. The rule is shown in the right figure. When connecting to a bend or pump, it is necessary to maintain a certain length of straight pipe. When connecting with elbow, follow valve 5d, rear 2d principle; Follow the 10d principle when connecting with a pump.


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